Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fuschia in the Spring

Macaroons from Europane!!

Egg salad sandwich with rosemary currant bread from Europane!

Dress: Forever21. Cardigan: Forever21. Heels: Target.

Pretty flowers!

Today, I went on a lunch date with my sister to Europane in Pasadena. I have been dying to try their famous egg salad sandwich for months now and I got it. It's pretty much an open-faced sandwich where the bread is underneath everything. You get to choose what kind of bread you want, so I chose the rosemary currant and they spread a sun-dried tomato paste on your bread and then top it off with mixed greens, egg salad, and chives. It was absolutely delicious and so fresh. You wouldn't think it's filling but it really was because the chunks of eggs were huge!! I couldn't resist their macaroons either so I bought eight of them. I believe I got hazelnut, pistachio, raspberry, sea salt caramel, and blackberry. They were so so chewy and yummy. Definitely going back there again.

It was such a nice sunny day to go out and have a lunch like that, so I definitely tried to dress in something breezy and comfortable, kind of reflective of the beautiful weather and my happy mood. I'll be heading to Vegas this weekend, so expect another post when I come back! Yay!


  1. That dress is soooo cute!!

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  2. those macarons look delicious! love your outfit <3

  3. That sandwich looks so yummy! As for you... you looked fab!

  4. hehe i got attracted to the name of ur blog~ so i came to check it out :)
    the macarons look awesome :) and what a yummy looking egg salad sandwich!!!!!!!!!!

  5. your dress is so cute!!
    love the flowers composition as well!

  6. omg the food looked absolutely fantastic!! i want to try it all now :)

  7. Cute dress and the food looks great ! ;)

  8. thanks for your sweet comment!
    love your blog!


  9. Adorable blog, and cute dress! Love your whole layout!


  10. Macaroons!
    how tasty they are! i love macaroons too.
    but it's really difficult to get a good shape with a good taste in my country.
    have you ever try macaroons from Laduree?


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