Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food Truck Festival

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged much this week because it was my cousin's wedding and I've been doing a bunch of stuff. I've been so preoccupied with everything that I forgot to tell you about my adventures last week at the Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita!

It was AMAZING!! I got a call from one of my food-loving friends in the morning and he told me that he is at the most wonderful place in the world- even better than Disneyland! I didn't believe him at first but then he told me that he was at the Food Truck Festival. It was only going to be there for that day, so I made it a mission to go. It was pretty cool to go to the Santa Anita racetrack because I have never been there and it's so close to home. There were so many food trucks parked all over the place and the aroma of all of the things were cooking surrounded the area. I was so overwhelmed by the choices that my friend and I ended up getting desserts mostly because that was the safe choice. My boyfriend got the lobster roll and sushi burrito. They were pretty good but I really wanted to try the Fresh Fries truck. By the time I reached the truck, however, it had sold out. So sad...

Here are some pictures of the day. I couldn't get the pictures of the food we ate because I have a bad habit of getting so excited about eating and then forget to take pictures of the food.

Stay tuned! I'll be putting up a post about my cousin's wedding soon!


  1. the last photo looks so pretty! i would like to sit there and talk with my friends = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. I've heard of these food trucks but I've never eaten at one. I really want to. Fun photos!

  3. Nice pics!

    psss win a foxtail by Dolls Kill! GIVEAWAY IN MY BLOG! ;)


  4. A food truck festival sounds awesome! That is my favorite part of fairs/festivals/carnivals anyway!

  5. I love these food trucks! I'm surprised there aren't more these in New York.


  6. thank you for your sweet comment, it means the world!


  7. Cool pics! :D
    Great blog ;)


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