Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Weekend

Ahi Crunchy salad from The Yardhouse
New "curtains"

My Valentine's Day weekend started on Friday with the boyfriend, George. We had planned on going to Melting Pot in Pasadena for happy hour, but missed our reservation, unfortunately. He had broken his glasses the morning before and really needed new ones right away. We spent the entire day at Lenscrafters so that he could get a new pair. Because we missed our reservation, we went to the Yardhouse (also in Pasadena). I got the ahi crunchy salad-delicious, by the way. It had seared ahi tuna with asian slaw, wontons, and field greens. Even though nothing went as planned on Friday, I still had a good time.

On Saturday, however, I woke up to really loud banging and drilling. I realized that we had several men pretty much taking apart the windows to the house and installing new ones. My mom had told me a week ago and I forgot. So I made sure to brush my teeth, shower, and change before they took out the bathroom windows- don't really wanna shower with the windows missing. My room originally had two windows and now, they combined it into one big one. With that being done, the blinds don't fit anymore, so I improvised and "made" curtains using floral bedsheets. It may not look the best, but I was proud of my creativity. My dad still laughs at it.

On Sunday, George called me from work around noon and asked me to carpool with one of my friends, Paula, to his house. I asked why and he told me that everyone wanted to hang out and watch the Grammys. Everyone, being the guys from our groups of friends. I knew something was up because why would a bunch of guys want to get together to watch the Grammys and have their girlfriends meet them there later? So all of the girls, including myself, drove together to George's house and found that the guys made us dinner. They had several large cups of boba and snacks on the table for us in case we were hungry, while they finished making the meal. They ended up making minced pork with rice, bok choy, shitaki mushrooms, and tea eggs. For dessert, they made us chocolate fondue and laid out sliced apples, marshmallows, cherries, strawberries, oranges, and bananas for us to dip. After we all had dinner, we noticed the guys all going into the garage. Being suspicious, we started whispering amongst ourselves. After a couple of minutes, each guy came out with a huge bouquet and gave it to their girlfriend. We started screaming from shock and thought it was so dramatic, but cute. We were definitely spoiled and pampered that night. Don't we have such thoughtful men in our lives?


  1. Sounds like a great time!!


  2. That floral fabric you used for curtains is lovely!

  3. Nice photos!!!

  4. omg, that ahi salad looks aaaammaaazing! yum.



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